Introducing the Apple Vision Pro Developer Kit

Embark on your journey into the metaverse with the Apple Vision Pro Developer Kit. This innovative kit empowers developers to bring their visionary ideas to life on the cutting-edge platform of visionOS. Whether you’re conceptualizing an immersive app or an engaging game, the Apple Vision Pro Developer Kit provides the tools and support needed to create extraordinary spatial experiences.

How It Works
  • Device Loan: Receive a loan of the Apple Vision Pro developer kit to prepare your app for the launch of the new App Store on Apple Vision Pro. This loaned device allows you to build, iterate, and test your app seamlessly.
  • Onboarding and Support: Benefit from assistance in setting up the device and onboarding. Additionally, engage in check-ins with Apple experts for UI design and development guidance, ensuring your app reaches its full potential. Receive help refining your app throughout the development process.
  • Code-Level Support: Access two additional code-level support requests to troubleshoot any issues with your code, ensuring smooth development and optimal performance of your app.
  • Return Policy: Please note that the Apple-owned development device is to be returned upon request, ensuring the continuation of our developer support program.
How to Apply
  1. Application Submission: Submit a brief application for the Apple Vision Pro Developer Kit. As an Account Holder in the Apple Developer Program or Apple Developer Enterprise Program, provide details about your team’s development skills and existing apps.
  2. Agree to Terms and Conditions: Agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the application process, demonstrating your commitment to developing for the visionOS platform.
  3. Review and Selection: Applications will be carefully reviewed, with priority given to applicants creating apps that leverage the features and capabilities of visionOS. If selected to receive a kit, you will be contacted directly by our team.
Unlock the Potential of Spatial Computing

Join the forefront of metaverse development with the Apple Vision Pro Developer Kit. Empower your team to innovate, create, and shape the future of spatial experiences on visionOS. Apply today and take the first step towards bringing your vision to life in the immersive world of the metaverse.


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