Metaverse Development

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Our Metaverse consultants assist organizations to develop strategies and experiences that enable them to establish and operate their own metaverse.

With our top-notch Metaverse development services, your dream Metaverse projects can become real. We use high-quality tools and the most up-to-date technologies to meet the needs of different projects in the best way possible.

What we do

Games, community and digital experiences, created with ambition, innovation and care.

Frank Nava

Managing Director

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We make fast & modern Metaverse

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Creating experiences through Metaverse

Our Featured Work

LalaVerse : Dubai City in MetaVerse

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Faces of the Change

Frank Nava

CEO - Metaverse Architect/Software Development

Hitesh P.

Project Manager

Sunil P.

Sr. Web Developer

Roza Shahrory


Mahmood R. DELFIEH

CTO - Server Engineer

John Sediq

Partner/Global Sales Manager

Chris P.

Sr. Web Designer

Jack B.

Project Manager

Jesus Sanchez

Metaverse Game Developer

Abouzar Pourranjbar

Game Developer


Unreal Engine/Unity Developer

Reza Sadeghi

3D Architect/Terrain Designer


3D Designer - Modeling Creative

Moh Harian

Senior Game Developer

Vasco Reis

Metaverse Developer (VR & 3D Designer)

James Hong

Wireframe/Prototype Specialist

Clive de Sousa

Global Sales Strategist