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What we do

Games, community and digital experiences, created with ambition, innovation, and care.

Frank Nava

Managing Director

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We make fast & modern Metaverse

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The area of my practice is quite wide: design, graphics, branding. I specialize in digital product development and know exactly how to make your project unique, fresh, and profitable.

Our Featured Work

LalaVerse : Dubai City in MetaVerse

the best team

Faces of the Change

Clive de Sousa

Clive de Sousa

Global Sales Strategist
James Hong

James Hong

Wireframe/Prototype Specialist
John Sediq

John Sediq

Partner/Global Sales Manager
Mahmood R. DELFIEH

Mahmood R. DELFIEH

CTO - Server Engineer
Moh - Metaverse Development

Moh Harian

Senior Game Developer
Roza Shahrory

Roza Shahrory