Web3 CRM

A CRM is a customer relationship management platform.

it basically allows you to better communicate with your customers and community whilst also tracking how that communication is handled.

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Why do you need a Web3 CRM?

For brands looking to grow quickly and go mainstream, a CRM is at the core of managing customer relationships and communication.

If you overlook this, you're going to lose customers to other brands who ar more proactive with their communication.

Blockchain companies are no different. In fact, if you're a crypto company who has to report to financial authorities, a good CRM should have everything you need.

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Features of a great Web3 CRM

The core of a CRM is to help you better understand your customers and engage with them.

Tracking and Reporting

Advanced sales tracking and reporting tools are probably the most important element for any Web3.

Automated Messaging

Automated messaging is another key feature of a good Web3 CRM and could save you a lot of wasted time.

Lead Generation and Social Selling Integration

Lead generation allows you to capture leads from various sources such as web.

Seamless Data Transfer Capabilities

You'll want to make sure your Web3 CRM has seamless data transfer capabilities.3

Pinpoint Trends and Opportunities

Finally, the best Web3 CRM should have in-depth analytics capabilities.

What are the benefits of using a Web3 CRM?

Honestly, the overall benefits of using a Web3 CRM aren't that different to a Web 2.0 CRM.

The difference isn't in the benefit, but in the approach and use cases.

As mentioned above, Web 2.0 CRMs don't have the functionality to integrate with commonly used networks in Web3. As such, they're going to fall short of what's needed.

Increased security and immutability of data

Improved transparency and traceability of transactions

Increased security and immutability of data

traditional CRM for my Web3 brand

There are plenty of options out there from Salesforce and Zoho to Zendesk or Hubspot.

All of these have some of the functionality you'll need.

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And, if your brand is like ours and isn't yet recording anything on-chain or interacting with a blockchain, you might be fine to use existing platforms.

However, as you add more Web3 functionality you need something that integrates directly with the platforms your users are using and allows you to combine both on and off-chain data to get the best overall view of your customers and their needs.

How to choose a Web3 CRM

You need to assess Web3 CRMs on whether or not they incorporate and link up with the services you use to communicate with your audience.

Identify Your Organization's Needs.

Define Your Goals for the CRM System.

Research Built-in Features of Each System.

Find Out What Features Can Be Customized and Integrated With 3rd Party Platforms

Find Out What Features Can Be Customized and Integrated With 3rd Party Platforms

Compare Different Tools' Pricing Models.

Evaluate Customer Support of Each Web3 CRM Provider.

Read reviews from other users

Test Drive Different Solutions Before Making a Final Decision.

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