NFT Marketplace

An NFT marketplace is a digital platform for buying and selling NFTs. These platforms allow people to store and display their NFTs plus sell them to others for cryptocurrency or money. Some NFT marketplaces also allow users to mint their NFTs on the platform itself.

In exchange for a fee, the NFT marketplace will typically handle the transfer of an NFT from one party to the other.

Each NFT marketplace has its own system for how it operates. The types of NFTs available, fees, payment options, permitted blockchains and other rules will depend on which one you use.

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Non fungible tokens
Applications for NFT Marketplaces

Apart from dealing with artworks, there are several other fields where using NFT marketplaces can benefit.

Digital Art

Several NFTs are utilizing various forms of digital art to build profit. There’s something for everyone, from digital replicas of authentic i


From swapping virtual worlds (Metaverses), virtual properties (Mintable), collectibles (NBA Top Shot), animated characters (CryptoKitties),

E-learning services

These marketplaces should provide a wide spectrum of e-learning services. This includes selling complete courses, keeping track of

Video games

NFTs, which represent numerous in-game products and characters, are typically sold and purchased in-game or through external internet

Live Bidding

20+ Place Bit.


Highest bid 1/20

0.244wETH 325

25+ Place Bit.


Highest bid 3/20

0.265wETH 375

30+ Place Bit.


Highest bid 3/16

0.254wETH 395

26+ Place Bit.

21 The Wonder

Highest bid 2/30

0.214wETH 226

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The next generation internet is full of possibilities. Your creativity is valued and your digital objects belong to you.

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I throw myself down among the tall grass by the stream as I lie close to the earth NFT's.

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