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Marketplace Development

A metaverse NFT marketplace is an incredible world that harmoniously combines augmented reality (VR+AR+MR), artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain. These marketplaces are full-fledged platforms for NFT exchanges and storage. Thousands of these platforms already exist, including Decentraland, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and SuperRare, and are quite popular among their community members.

Innovative technologies can show you what is beyond the universe — a dream space where anything is possible: animated avatars, digital assets, shops to buy and sell unique virtual objects, and gaming platforms.


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marketplaces Development Types

Several types of metaverse NFT marketplaces exist, each with a different purpose.

gaming marketplace

This marketplace type serves true gamers (The Sandbox, Sorare). NFT game marketplaces have everything you might imagine a game should have: characters, collection attributes, in-game assets, and various accessories. But an intrinsic feature of such platforms compared to classical games is a concept called Play-to-Earn or Gami-Fi. Metaverse gaming marketplaces offer real-time games and hyper-realistic navigation. Players can withdraw NFTs to virtual wallets.

Real estate NFT marketplace

It’s a place for trading real estate. Except it’s not real-world real estate, it’s digital. These marketplaces host auctions in real time, where any willing participant can lease, buy or sell their ownership of virtual land or other virtual possessions (Decentraland, PolkaCity, Cryptovoxels).

Live video consultations

This kind of futuristic platform is designed to study products on e-commerce trading platforms. The decision to purchase is preceded by something more than working through the specifications of an item. Using VR devices, user avatars can virtually try on clothes, use gadgets, and even apply makeup. 

3D webstore

New, digital dimension for art can be found on well-known marketplaces like NiftyGateway, OpenSea, and more specific NFT art marketplaces like SuperRare and Foundation. Artists sell their NFT-based masterpieces (audio, images, GIFs, and more similar) in NFT art markets, with digital tokens as unique identifiers stored in collectors’ wallets. Before participating in an auction, your avatar can visit virtual galleries to get acquainted with artists’ work.

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How To Create Metaverse Marketplace

Planning to develop a metaverse NFT? You have landed at the right place. We at Prolitus will help you develop a customized NFT marketplace with your preferred blockchain network. Our seasoned team will give shape to your ideas to help them turn into reality soon.Our skilled designers are ready to create the Metaverse of all our imagined ideas! Following are the few basic steps involved in the process of setting up a well-designed Metaverse NFT marketplace website:

  • First we need to build a user interface for marketplace
  • In order to store the NFTs, we have to set up the IPFS storage
  • Auditing, testing and also fixing the bugs into a smart contract auditing
  • Our team would develop Metaverse with all the required features of our clients.
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Revenue opportunity

The arrival of Metaverse has been enhancing the usability and worth of NFTs. With Metaverse NFT Marketplace the trading of NFTs becomes more decentralized and transparent. Crypto buzz is increasing and Millions of people are into crypto adoption. Metaverses and NFTs will unlock the trillion-dollar economy that will drive the NFT investing boom among a lot of people. Metaverse NFTs are currently holding 3% of the total NFT market value. Thus the adoption of NFTs increases, and it powers the growth cycle of Metaverse NFT platforms.