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As consumer behaviors and expectations are evolving, the e-commerce interface is evolving too. A virtual store is a new type of digital shopping experience that provides a much higher level of engagement and immersion for the customer.

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Metaverse and E-commerce

Metaverse will surely tap into the eCommerce market by offering users the opportunity to access AR. Many NFT games allow players to buy in-game products through virtual stores. So, buying and selling assets from a virtual store is not a new concept. With metaverse in eCommerce, users can shop for products through virtual avatars from the comfort of their homes.

Metaverse in e-commerce market is rapidly growing

The metaverse is expected to transform every aspect of our lives, including the way we shop online. According to the Metaverse in E-commerce Market report, the predicted growth of the metaverse in the e-commerce market share, from 2021 to 2026, is more than $60 billion at a progressing CAGR of about 36%. The key factor driving the growth of the metaverse in the e-commerce market is the growing popularity of AR technology. Let’s look through the main insights of the report to find out how the metaverse is evolving and what opportunities it opens up for e-commerce businesses and consumers.

Types of Virtual Stores

There are many ways to add immersive experience to an online store. ScienceSoft wants to share the most viable types of virtual stores that we commonly implement.

Virtual try-on

Helps digital shoppers visualize the fit and match of virtual items and make product choices

Virtual try-out

Enables customers to place virtual items into real-world settings and assess the item’s size

Live video consultations

Replicate one-to-one customer service in the online shopping context. Create vast

3D webstore

Offers customers to interact with 3D models of items, explore them from any angles, zoom in/

Interactive user manuals

Provide contextual support to customers using the product and respond in real time to their actions.

Virtual reality store

Creates virtual tours for in-store visitors, most commonly to differentiate the brand and build


Let’s push our imagination more for a better option and try to think about the instant delivery concept where customers are able to use/experience the product the moment they click on the purchase button. Pushing too hard? I don’t think so, as expected in the not-so-long future, if we’re going to spend most of our time in the Metaverse.

Metaverse eCommerce store setup possibilities

Metaverse fashion store

Metaverse game assets store

Metaverse home goods store

NFT metaverse store

Metaverse Concept

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