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How to build a Metaverse dApp with Unity

This guide demonstrates how to build a sample metaverse dApp with Unity. The sample app features a 3D world into which users can log in as an Avatar simply by using the QR code option in a Web3 wallet.

An all-immersive metaverse (think Ready Player One) is still a work in progress, but technology advancements in the Web 3.0 domain are helping to shape things up. Today, we have a range of contemporary Web 3.0 applications that feature metaverse-like elements, and their developers are nurturing these elements as building blocks to transform the future of the metaverse.

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How to Build a Metaverse Decentralized Application (dApp) with Unity?

A preface to the development process

Building a 3D world and avatar for a metaverse dapp is rather simple with Unity. Unity’s asset store offers a variety of elements and assets for creating a 3D space and character. For building this particular sample metaverse dApp, the MedievalSharp-Regular SDF asset will be used. A 3D world with a medieval library and an avatar will be created that dons armor and wears medieval outfits.

For the final step of adding the Web 3.0 login wallet, a Web 3.0 backend platform is used. Web 3.0 backend platform provides SDKs and Web3APIs, necessary for integrating crypto into your metaverse dApp. These SDKs assist users in getting authorized to use their crypto wallets, allowing them to log in to any dApp or digital platform. It’s critical to pick a Web 3.0 development platform that works with all of the prominent blockchains and testnets.

Depending on the size of your metaverse’s user base, you have a variety of Web 3.0 login and Web 3.0 authentication options to select from. For crypto-savvy users, Metamask or Wallet Connect are recommended, whereas regular users can use Web 3.0 authentication via email. Wallet Connect is used in this sample metaverse dApp.

The Unity interface is quite elaborate. The more one works on it, the better they understand the interface. For this sample metaverse dApp development, you will use the following:

  • The ‘Scene’ window, which is a visual window to view what you are creating.
  • The ‘Hierarchy’ window that contains every GameObject for the current Scene.
  • The ‘Project’ panel that hosts the files of the Unity assets selected for a particular project, such as Fonts, scenes, scripts, third party, etc.
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Sample metaverse dApp development with Unity in three steps

  • Create a 3D world
  • Create an Avatar
  • Add the Web 3 login wallet with the QR code option