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With its flexible system, a talented artist can create an avatar that can cross between numerous experiences in the Metaverse.  Metaverse Avatars are the embodiment of Metaverse users. They are a person’s identity in the Metaverse, allowing them to go on different adventures in different experiences. Being able to easily cross experiences by carrying over one’s avatar means that you will be able to have a unique experience no matter where you go!

Metaverse Avatars

types of Avatars in the Metaverse

Full body avatars

The rise of virtual reality has also brought about full-body avatars, which allow users to seamlessly move around inside a virtual world. This capability creates a new level of freedom for social interaction, particularly for business applications. In fact, the introduction of 3D avatars into the workplace has been met with great anticipation by many companies, which see opportunities in applications like remote conferencing, telecommuting, and training, just to name a few.

VR Avatars

A VR avatar is a visual representation of a user in a virtual world that they can control. While it may not look the same as a user physically, the avatar is usually based on the user’s appearance and acts similarly in motion with them.  For the most part, virtual reality avatars are almost always human. Metaverse avatars can be anything from realistic depictions of actual people to stylized versions such as those found in anime, comic books, and video games. Avatars used in VR apps require simple movements like gesturing or turning around without legs needing to be seen or complex leg movements required.



Metaverse avatars are entirely customizable. You can change your avatar’s height and weight, skin tone, hair color, and even clothing. NFTs allow for even more flexibility because you can buy unique clothes for your avatar in the metaverse and turn your outfit into a reflection of who you really are!


Your avatar can move across the metaverse

Metaverse avatars aren’t stuck in any one metaverse. They can move between multiple instances based on the blockchain, a public ledger that records transactions across computer networks. It is possible to move an avatar from one blockchain-based NFT system to another with no problem. This is because the elements that make up each of these characters will be recognized by any metaverse instance used by the NFT system.


Metaverse avatars hold intrinsic value

Avatars are the bread and butter of the metaverse. They bring digital goods to life, but those goods need scarcity and uniqueness to justify their high price tags. Thanks to the blockchain and NFTs, your avatar can own unique goods that have value on their own – and only you can use them.